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Layers of ...

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

By Ricki Dorn

Layers of light

layers of love

layers of melancholy

layers of disappointment

layers of despair

layers of light

shine through the despair

but go back into hiding.

Layers of love

hibernate in the coves of gloom

layers of energy

layers of ambition

layers of hope

torn by dismay.

layers of hope

trying to survive.

Layers of layers

lying around, unused.

layers of time:

minutes, days, months, years

racing away.

layers of light

cover me gently

as I toss restlessly,

seeking some comfort,

and finally I find it.

What are your layers? I invite you to send me a layers poem of your own. Share your layers. NOTE: See website for upcoming September poetry workshop!! Really get inside of those poems. #poetry #poetryworld #WritersLift #poetrycommunity #poetrylovers #poems #WritersLift #writingcommunity #poetrypower #poetrylove #poetrywriters #lovepoetry #poetryworld #poetryrocks #writersrock

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